About the Quantum Realist


If you are here to learn about the orthodox view of the universe as described by the Standard Model and underpinned by quantum theory, then you are in the wrong place.  If on the other hand you are of the opinion that these theories are fanciful and overblown and that the universe has to be much simpler and more straightforward than these theories would suggest, then read on.

My disillusion with quantum theory dates back to my school days in the 1960′s.  I recall asking my physics teacher just what is a photon?  His hesitant stumbling response convinced me that he had no idea.  To someone of such an impressionable age it came as a shock to realise that there were things about the universe that even teachers did not understand!

Quantum Theory would have us accept as fact things, which under different circumstances and in different fields, would negate the whole theory.  We are asked for example to accept that particles are waves, and that waves are particles, that a particle can be in more than one place at the same time, that particles are capable of communicating with one another over infinite distances in zero time.  Perhaps the ultimate expression of this comes in the story of Schrödinger’s cat.  Schrödinger originally propose this as a way of ridiculing certain aspects of quantum theory, only to be greeted by a chorus from its strongest advocates that his suggestion that a cat could be both alive and dead at the same time was correct.

These far-fetched ideas amount to nothing less than a bending of the facts to fit the theory rather than the other way around.  In developing Quantum Theory, physicists have ridden roughshod over Einstein’s ideas that the laws of physics are universal and that nothing can travel faster than light.  Quantum Theory insists that the laws of physics are different on the scale of the atom and that at this scale the effects of special relativity are not felt.   Equally astrophysicists insist that during its very early phases, a few milliseconds after the big bang, the universe expanded at a rate which required objects to move relative to one another at many millions of times the speed of light.  And that even now, if you were to travel far enough away from us here on earth, that objects are moving away from us at more than the speed of light.

Rather than challenge these fanciful ideas and find mechanisms to describe the universe which fit with Einstein’s theories of relativity and our experiences of entities as objectively real, scientists have instead tried to convince us that these ideas are correct. Quantum theory has evolved into a sort of pseudo religious system of beliefs, a Quantum Catechism which requires that you accept certain beliefs as fact in order to qualify to participate in the scientific debate.

All of this was of only passing interest until a few years ago when I started to take an interest and to read up on matters to do with nuclear physics.  The more I learned the more I became convinced that it was not just my teacher who had no idea how such things worked.  It struck me that even the most prominent in the field are just as ignorant.

I discovered that the whole of quantum theory and everything that follows rests on a single assumption made originally by the British physicist John Nicholson.  Quantum theory rests like an inverted pyramid on this basic assumption and in this blog I aim to topple the pyramid and provide a far more prosaic explanation for the way in which the universe works.

The theory is remarkably simple.  Like all theories it begins with a supposition or postulate, in this case there are two; that certain velocity terms are themselves affected by relativity and that gravitational mass is bipolar, having both positive and negative forms, while inertial mass remains always positive.  These two postulates, taken to their logical conclusion lead to a universe which is quite different from the currently proposed, and somewhat arrogantly named, Standard Model.

If you read nothing else on this blog I would urge you to try to read Sampling the Hydrogen Atom.  This is where I explain how, by making the simple assumption that certain velocity terms are affected by relativity, we can arrive at a simple mechanical model for hydrogen in which the particles are objectively real.  It blows away almost all of the assumptions inherent in the standard model: that angular momentum is quantized, that uncertainty is intrinsic to the particle, that particles are subjectively real and do not exist until they are exposed by some sort of observing process.  It provides a simple mechanical explanation for the wave particle duality and a simple mechanical explanation for the nature of the hitherto mysterious Fine Structure Constant.

In later posts I plan to show how the forces binding the atomic nucleus can be simply explained using conventional mechanics based on this idea of relativistic velocity and how the effects of the second postulate on the nature of the photon, which then turns out to have material form.  As a consequence of all of this there are then just two forces of nature, but more important is that all types of energy can be unified as being mechanical in nature.

Necessarily any paper that deals with nuclear physics will contain a good deal of mathematics.  For the most part however this is simple and straightforward, well within the grasp of a high school student.  I make no apology for this, in fact wherever possibly I have tried to “show my working” because I believe this is all about conveying an understanding of what I am trying to say, not obfuscating the theory with a deal of complex equations.

N Graves
Wokingham, UK

September 2012

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